Our Pledge

Infinite Hero’s pledge to those who have risked their lives is to reward their sacrifice and bravery with support that articulates our gratitude. We partner with like-minded organizations to provide access to innovative rehabilitation programs that address the unique needs of veterans and their families.

The measure of our impact is positive outcomes, not merely gestures.
Like the heroes we serve, we refuse to shy away from a challenge.
Where boundaries exist, we will plow through them.
Where strategies and solutions have not yet
been found, we will create them.

We will marshal the resources of technology, community, medical research
and mental health care to foster collaborative innovation and
affect positive change for our heroes in need.

What is the mission of Infinite Hero?
The mission of Infinite Hero Foundation is to combat the most difficult front line issues – mental and physical – facing returning military heroes and their families.

What inspired the name “Infinite Hero”?
It came from the conviction that the sacrifices of heroes should always be remembered.

What inspired the Infinite Hero emblem?
The emblem incorporates the color purple to honor those who have been wounded in battle, the Greek cross to signify aid, and the infinity symbol to represent Infinite Hero’s conviction that the sacrifices of heroes should always be remembered.

How does Infinite Hero differ from similar organizations?
Infinite Hero does not conduct programs and has minimal overhead, enabling the foundation to channel more resources to support our heroes.

Does Infinite Hero have any religious or political affiliations?
Infinite Hero does not provide support to political or religious organizations or causes. Honoring and empowering our heroes is not about politics, but about offering gratitude to the men, women and children that have made significant personal sacrifices to ensure the safety of us all.